A Commitment to Conservation

A Commitment to Conservation


The rapid growths of urban centers around the world are putting the environment at risk. The future predictions are staggering, with energy consumption being at a all time high. Global warming is the greatest environmental threat humanity has ever faced, and dramatic climate changes are already happening all over the world. Our ability to protect our air, water and land depends on our ability to create sustainable and renewable resources which will aid in the fight against these incurring issues.

Smart business means keeping your costs low, and that includes saving on energy. Unsustainable practices and deferred or inadequate energy conservation equipment along with maintenance can cost thousands if not millions of dollars in lost revenue each year while unnecessary use/consumption hurts the environment and your bottom-line.

At Eslight Worldwide Ltd. we are committed to making eco and energy friendly products and choices more readily available to the everyday commercial and industrial customer here in Canada and other markets that we serve. With Eslight International Inc., corporate environmental responsibility and energy consumption savings and reduction has never been more attractive and affordable!

One fifth of our total energy consumption is utilized strictly for consumer and industrial lighting, and we at Eslight Worldwide Ltd. feel it is absolutely necessary to provide effective ways to reduce energy consumption.

Whether at your home, at the office, the airport, and mall or even down the city streets you walk, we at Eslight Worldwide Ltd. provide energy saving lighting solutions for our customers that are technologically sound and tested with international – national (Canadian) best standards and practices certifications.

All induction and fluorescent lights contain mercury, and Eslight Inc. is proud to take the industry lead in acknowledging this and providing a comprehensive plan for the safe disposal and recycling of our products.

How does Eslight Worldwide Ltd. plan to address the safe disposal of their bulbs? Eslight Worldwide Ltd. is taking the lead in being a company and international operation that is environmentally responsible by raising the bar on customer service with a plan to ‘take back bulbs’ upon replacement, and having them properly recycled with our partners in various markets that we serve.

Eslight Worldwide Ltd. has developed environmentally focused programs for our customers that that provide convenient and cost saving disposal fees. We have collectively taken this service commitment with some of our partners and suppliers that give rebates and incentives.

Call us today to find out more and receive a custom estimate based on your quantities. We look forward to discussing how we can provide you with simple solutions for saving money and our earth!


Working with the Recycling Council of Ontario and the Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers, Eslight will not only recycle your lights once you are finished with them, but will also recycle any current lights you have installed when replacing them with Eslight LED lights.

You can participate in the program by contacting us at info@eslightinc.com


Under federal and provincial hazardous waste disposal regulations, companies who are disposing of mercury-bearing products are required to perform a standard leachate test for mercury. In Ontario, under Regulation 347 for example, if the leachate results exceed 0.01 mg/kg, then the company must handle the waste as hazardous waste. This means that the waste cannot be disposed of in an ordinary landfill. Virtually all fluorescent and HID lamps will exceed the leachate toxicity limit, therefore these waste must be registered and treated as hazardous waste or sent for recycling. The quantity limit for mercury waste that can be disposed in a landfill is 5 kg per month, which is approximately equivalent to 17 standard 4 feet, 1.5 inch diameter tube lights (amounts of mercury vary from brand to brand).

Source: Direct excerpt from Environment Canada Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet #21 Managing Mercury-Bearing Electrical Products .

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